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Wellcore Bluetooth 4.0 Indoor and Outdoor Use Ibeacon Suitable for IOS&Android
Wellcore W901 Bluetooth CC2541 Ibeacon Module For Indoor Use : 
Wellcore W902 Bluetooth CC2541 Ibeacon Module For Indoor Use : 
Wellcore W903 Bluetooth CC2541 Ibeacon Module For Indoor Use :
Wellcore W904 Bluetooth CC2541 Ibeacon Module For Outdoor Use :
Wellcore W905 Bluetooth CC2541 Ibeacon Module For Outdoor Use :
Wellcore W908 Bluetooth CC2541 Ibeacon Module For Outdoor Use :
Wellcore W909 Bluetooth CC2541 Ibeacon Module For Indoor Use :
Wellcore W911 Bluetooth CC2541 USB Ibeacon Module For Indoor Use :
Wellcore W912 Bluetooth CC2541 Waterproof Ibeacon Module For Outdoor Use :
Wellcore W950 Bluetooth CC2541 Small Ibeacon Module For Indoor Use :
Wellcore W951 Bluetooth CC2541 USB Ibeacon Module For Indoor Use :
Wellcore’s industrial grade solide state drive (SSDs) meet all of today’s industrial/embedded application requirements.
industial grade standards
wellcore solide state drive (ssds) delivers highly reliable and extremely durable ssd products across various sectors, The three product line will match tablet, automation, control, IPS, pow, mfp, HMI, GPS, gateway, firewall, video surveillance,  imaging applications,  black box data recorder, test & measurement instrumentation, Defense application and all other embedded storage applications…. wellcore ssd products are designed to meet the requirements of different embedded applications and also ensure good performance, such as wellcore ssd have the performance of mechanical shock resistance, high-pressure and high-temperature tolerance, and even the capability to withstand immersion in water and so on. we guarantee that manufacturers of computer systems will be able to find the most suitable ssd storage solutions, including small form factors for reducing system size and decreasing mechanical interference as well as products that feature easy plug-in, waterproofing, and wide temperature tolerance. Additionally, we have flexible customization options. wellcore’s solide state drive ssds are backed by a dedicated engineering support team.
Wellcore ‘s Aerospace and Defense grade solide state drive (SSDs) meet all of today’s aerospace and defense application requirements
Aerospace and Defense grade
Wellcore solide state drive(ssds) products have leading-edge technology because has passed stringent testing and quality control measures. So Wellcore ssd products are fully compliant with aerospace and defense standards , wellcore solide state drive(ssds) products can ensure outstanding performance in extreme environments. With our wellcore feature set, we are able to guarantee that our storage and memory modules are fully protected against heat, dust, extreme cold and heat, shock, vibration, and other environmental stresses.
Wellcore’s Consumer Solid State Drive (SSD) designed for a variety of mobile devices.
Consumer Solid State

Delivers the highest IOPS/watt to improve system performance and cooling costs and reduce power for performance-hungry data center and cloud applications
-Fast, consistent performance and low latency over the warranty period of the drive
-Helps reduce performance gaps between storage I/O and CPU operations
-Provides up to 640GB user capacity
– Helps protect data from undetected, unintentional corruption (silent errors)
– Helps safeguard data against unexpected power loss
Best-Fit Applications
-Performance-hungry, read-intensive, data center applications, such as data indexing, edge caching, data streaming, or gaming/software delivery

Wellcore’s Consumer Solid State Drive (SSD) designed for a variety of mobile devices.
Consumer Solid State2
which was release at the end of July, 2010,wellcore SSD has a range of products that support perfectly the middle and high end mainstream laptops, net books, all Mac Books and portable MID products, and are compatible with almost all operating systems. With the advanced Flash controller, NAND flash memory and large-capacity 64M cache, SSD gives a great performance on read/write speed and service life, nearly five to ten times compared to HDD. With the new technology developing,Wellcore announced the world fastest MSATAIII and SATAIII 2.5inch products as Pro V. The line also support 7mm standard for Ultrabook.

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