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Wellcore High Quality W908 CC2541 Ibeacon Waterproof,Waterproof Ibeacon with FCC,CE,RoHS Certified

Alibaba Reliable IBeacon Supplier Provide Bluetooth CC2541 Nearables ibeacons Waterproof with FCC,CE and RoHS Certified!

1 year life battery CR2477 and Colorful Case!

Customized Logo with Free Laser Printing !

What is the details of our Ibeacons?

1. We are able to customize a case very easy and rapidly with low cost;

2.UUID, Major, Minor, Pairing Password and other parameters can be changed by customers;

3.iBeacon with Build-in Firmware and also can upload for customers before delivery.

4.Based on TI’s CC2541/CR2477,bluetooth low energy module. battery 3 year

5.Support for IOS7.0,Android 4.3 or above

6.Effected range:30m ; Max Range: 100m

7.FCC/CE/RoHS Certified.

8. Can be customized for case,color and board.

9. Free laser print service.

What is the Specifications of our ibeacons?

  1.Can be able to customize the case with your logo and the color you prefer.
2.Pre-configure the value of parameter before the shipment.3.Package case can be customized if required.4.APP & SDK for IOS&Android4.3 provided.5.We have professional team provide any consultation or advice needed.

6.SDK is available to help customers build their own APP .


Item Value Remarks
Firmware iBeacon Version 2.1.1
Battery model CR2477 3pcs Coin battery, 3.0Vdc, 1 pc
Operation Frequency 2400-2483.5MHz Programmable
Frequency Error +/- 20KHz  —–
Modulation Q-QPSK  —–
Standby current 100uA Depends on duty cycle/broadcasting frequency
Broadcasting Frequency 900mS Duty cycle
Output Power 0 dBm Default setting, programmable
Receiving Sensitivity -93dBm High gain mode
Transmission distance 50 meters -100meters BER<0.1%, Open space
Antenna 50ohm On board/ PCB Antenna
Size 83mm*58mm*33mm Can be customized
Operation Voltage 2.0-3.6V DC



 Product Photos


Stickers Ibeacon with CC2541 Chipset and CR2477 battery.







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How we do ibeacon configuration ?


Document and videos are provided for ibeacon configuration !

Modify UUID

UUID is a 16 digits (32 characters)HEX value , the default value is : E2 C5 6D B5 DF FB 48 D2 B0 60 D0 F5 A7 10 96 E0,For example,modify UUID to be: E2 C5 6D B5 DF FB 48 D2 B0 60 D0 F5 A7 10 96 E1,then write Corresponding values on “Write new value”, Clink Done when finished.Meanwhile,,the new set UUID shows on the “Read again”,Notice:The devices can not be searched out on Locate ibeacon after finished modify UUID, As Locate ibeacon can only shows the Registered device,so you need to add a modified UUID device on the Options of iBeacon Transmitter.

Modify Major
Major is 2 digits(4characters)HEX value, default value is: 0000,For example,modify Major to be : 8810,Then write Corresponding values in the “Write new value”, Click Done when finished. Meanwhile, the new set Major shows on the Read again.


Modify Minor

Minor is 2 digits(4characters)HEX value, default value is :0000, For example, modify Minor to be: 8811,Then write Corresponding values in the “Write new value”, Click Done when finished.Meanwhile, the new set Minor shows on the Read again.




What’s the Application of our Ibeacons ?



1. What is a beacon?

A beacon is a small wireless device that constantly broadcasts radio signals to nearby smartphones

and tablets.

Think of it as a lighthouse emitting light in regular intervals. Mobile apps can listen for that signal,a

nd, when they receive it, trigger a location-based action.


2. Why is Bluetooth low energy (BLE) important?

BLE is the signal emitted by beacons, and it’s important for two reasons.

First, it transmits radio waves, which can penetrate physical barriers like walls, unlike Wi-Fi or cell

signals, which are often disrupted.

Second, BLE consumes only a fraction of the battery power that classic Bluetooth does.


3. Do beacons work with i-P-h-o-n-es and Android phones?

Yes, but they work differently. Only iOS 7 devices constantly scan for BLE and wake up relevant apps

— even if they are closed — when they come within range of a beacon. /Phones and /Pads can do

this thanks to for A/pple’s iBeacon protocol (more on that below).


Android devices, on the other hand, do not have a beacon system of this type at the operating-system level. Android apps must therefore scan for BLE, meaning that for Android users to interact

with beacons, they have to have the app running on their phone, at least in the background.

Beacon scanning at the app level means there is more of a battery drain for Android users.


4. What is an iBeacon? Is it just an A-pple beacon?

iBeacon is not an off-the-shelf beacon that retailers can buy and install in their stores

(at least not yet).A/pple has filed documents with the Federal Communications Commission, which

suggest that the company wants to manufacture iBeacon hardware. Currently, iBeacon is a system

built into the latest version of A/pple’s iOS 7 mobile operating system that lets /Phones and /Pads

constantly scan for nearby Bluetooth devices. When iBeacon identifies a beacon, it can wake up re

levant apps on someone’s phone, even when an app is closed and not running in the background.

Additionally, /Pads and /Phones can act as beacons; they can emit beacon signals to wake up apps

on other iOS devices.


5. What does A-p-p-l-e’s iBeacon technology do?

iBeacon lets /Phones and /Pads constantly scan for nearby Bluetooth devices. When it identifies a

Bluetooth device, like a beacon, it can wake up an app on someone’s phone — even if the app is not

running. Developers can make their apps responsive to iBeacon by using A/pple’s Core Location AP

Is (application programming interfaces) in iOS.


6. If, as a retailer, I purchase beacons from a vendor, how do I know they’ll work with my app?

Developers have to include the unique identifier of a beacon in the code so their app will be able to

recognize it. If an app doesn’t know the identifier for a beacon, then it can’t be on the lookout for it

s BLE signal.

Most beacon vendors provide developer support to help users configure their apps.

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7*24 online EMAIL and TradeManager service!

1. We are China Leading ibeacon Manufacturer.

2. Own a big factory and quality control apartment.

3. Alibaba Assessed 3 years Gold Supplier.

4. All products are CE FCC RoHS certificated.

5. 100% QC inspection Before Shipment.

6. Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price.

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Our company has established a new product development center to meet the requirements of our OEM clients. By offering the best quality products, competitive prices and excellent services, we are always prepared to meet any requirements from our customers all over the world regardless of the different standards of each country.

With professional manufacturing processes and perfect quality control system, our products enjoy a high reputation in US and overseas. We can give clients the best prices for a larger profit margin. Potential customers are welcome to contact us or visit our factory for more details.


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